The Company

The Great Western Brewing Company has been an integral component in the Saskatchewan business community since opening for business in 1989. Back then 16 former Carling O’Keefe employees started the brewery to save their jobs. Today the brewery is one of the top employers in Saskatoon, and through a lot of hard work, and a lot of great beer, they have earned an international reputation for world class craftsmanship.

What we’ve accomplished is remarkable. The brewery is currently enjoying an impressive market share in this competitive business and we are now well known throughout Western Canada because of our extensive sponsorship programs and our world class premium products. The Great Western Brewing Company has set trends in the beer industry that other Canadian brewers have followed, and the brewery has a trophy case full of international accolades. In fact, Original 16, Great Western and Brewhouse brands have all been recognized in noteworthy and prestigious brewing competitions.

Over the years, the main focus of producing world class beer hasn’t changed.