306 Seltzer Box
Hey 306 Lets Mix
Sour Soda Seltzer Tea

Must be legal drinking age. Please enjoy responsibly. Only available in Saskatchewan.

306 Seltzer Cans

Founded by
16 Underdogs

This beer is brewed in the spirit of our 16 founders who risked it all for great beer. Our beers are brewed using only the finest, two-row Prairie barley – the best in the world – as well as five choice hop varietals. They undergo a unique aging process which results in an extra smooth, refreshing beer.



Brewhouse is a truly Western Canadian beer crafted from many premium ingredients. Featuring Western Canadian barley, our beers are cold-filtered and naturally aged. Enjoy a refreshingly honest brew.

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It’s like working out… But better

  • 100 Calories
  • 4g Carbs
  • 4.0% ALC./VOL.

Local from the
Barley Up

We are a true prairie beer – so we make sure that our beer truly is 100% locally brewed, owned, and grown. We work with Western Canadian farmers who grow the finest malt barley, which we use in our brews to create a superior flavour. Our beer is stored at a low temperature and aged for an unbelievably smooth taste and finish.

Pride of the
Pacific Northwest

Born in the city of Tumwater, Washington. Light tasting, slightly sweeter, round flavour, balanced by a light and refreshing hop aroma and taste.

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Gold Strong
Brewed Smooth

Selecting quality ingredients, precise brewing practices, and a careful aging process all come together to make Gold Strong a superior hard-working beer that tastes as smooth as smooth can be.

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*Per 355 ml serving

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Hard Seltzer

  • 100 Calories*
  • 1g Sugar*
  • Gluten Free

Original 16 Hard Seltzers are made with locally sourced vodka from Unity, Saskatchewan and come in four unique natural flavours. These delicious, ready to drink beverages are smooth, refershing, well-balanced and appeal to anyone looking for a low calorie, low sugar alternative.